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Supply Chain Management - The complete Web Based application for Supply Chain Management solution which permits transparent and total visibility of assets and inventory management. RFID based solution has an ability to write to the tag and it also allows the entry and management of information such as contents, expiry date, manufacturer and country of origin. RFID Technology has enhanced the accuracy of shipments and deliveries in addition; it also can make us to address the product shrinkage or product theft or disaster.

The technology embedded which is known as EPC (Electronic product codes) is transmitted through RFID which can establish the product in-transit and departure at all points of the supply chain. RFID is seen by many businesses as a key method to streamline business processes and cut costs

   » It allows total transparency and overall visibility of every assets and inventory
   » It eases the warehouse management. Manufacturers can especially benefit from implementing RFID applications       in supply chains because they can decrease costs associated with product tracking and inventory management and       increase the accuracy and timeliness of inventory data
   » RFID applications in fleet management have demonstrated significant ROI. RFID applications in fleet management       enable a more cost-effective long-range tracking solution, global tracking of containers and cargo, reliable tracking       of capital and inventory assets during transportation and increased security

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