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Parking Management - Individual components or complete RFID solutions for single gate to multiple gate parking management. RFID technology is rapidly moving forward in diverse vertical. The RFID technology crafts with significant advantages in vehicle access control. Vehicle such as Auto, Cars, trucks, or other vehicles even forklifts in warehouse environments can be tagged with RFID Tags and facilitate smooth environment for processing much faster .

The restricted area, or a parking lot entrance is approached a reader at the site accesses the tag and identify in the database by the system. If the vehicle is authorized, the gate or boom barrier opens for an access.

Some of the challenges faced at Parking Lots are as follows:

   » Vehicle Identification
   » Excess parking ticketing system
   » In/ Out Privileges
   » Security Control
   » Physical Management of Parking Lots
   » Weighty Entry and Exit systems
   » Management of Parking Spaces

Where the tag related details are coming from the Tag database which is automatically filled by using Hadron TagCoder having various utility available on Parking Lot Management System. Hadron TagCoder is the software enabling to program the tags, such as Class 0, Class 0+, Class 2 Gen 1 and Gen 2 tags using the supported RFID readers. Hadron TagCoder facilitates to craft a clean and standard compliant RFID tag database.

Excellent database endows with a well-built base to create user friendly, scalable and robust applications. Hadron TagCoder supports all types of RFID standards of any protocol Class0-Gen1, Class1-Gen1, Class1-Gen2 any frequency whether it is LF, HF, VHF, UHF and any RFID hardware technologies whether it is active, passive or semi active.

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