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Hadron Techs RFID based Inventory Management System (IMS) provides stores strength to supervise consumable goods, ordering system, expiry and batch control goods, store receipt, store issue voucher, reports and security.
IMS (Inventory Management System) from standalone operation to enterprise LAN and WAN solutions IMS holds the key to centrally controlling company consumable goods.

IMS (Inventory Management System) provides today’s cutting-edge solution for managing large inventories.

IMS (Inventory Management System) is capable of handling large volume of data and shifting large volume of data.
The software can be customized or interfaced with any organizations current software.

IMS (Inventory Management System) can be integrated with RFID Technology for automatic collection of data. RFID technology when used with IMS (Inventory Management System) saves time, reduces labor and provides high security thus leading to better ROI’s (Return on Investment).

Features of IMS (Inventory Management System):

   · Category wise Item list
   · Automatic monitoring of In-Transit and Out-Transit of the item.
   · Item issue receive information
   · Re-order level warning report
   · Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly MIS reports
   · Menu driven application control
   · Customizable database and menu level application security
   · Report output can be generated in PDF/XML format
   · Quantified Search of item locations and quantities by item or serial number
   · Real-Time inventory moves
   · Verification of fixed asset inventory
   · Expiry and batch control

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