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Hazardous materials such as inflammables substance, explosives, poisonous gases, and radioactive materials can be immensely dangerous to our health and our environment. Certain exposure or get in contact with the toxic ingredients may result with injuries or even death. These effects are an apparently unavoidable significance of various industrial processes. Transporting these materials becomes a risky business in the populated or sensitive areas.

Hadron Techs facilitate e-Track framework for tracking these material for reducing the possible negative impacts by tracking the transportation of such material on real time basis. Mapping and reading this material intelligently and crafting safer networks are a key solution introduce and practiced by HT. With the e-Track framework virtual tracking environment are being created along with an essential requirement of route design and assignment is to minimize the risk.

GPS technologies integrating with GIS application enable tracking of movement of these vehicles with respect to its surroundings in the real time basis.
Using GIS, GPS/GSM/GPRS with RFID to actually track shipments of hazardous waste across the state and country reinforce ecological compliance.

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