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Hadron Techs, fleet management system is a unique automatic vehicle locator (AVL) system based upon the eTrack framework. The system is a real-time vehicle locater which measures the longitude and latitude of the device installed and simplifies the vehicle management process by assembling and managing related information regarding the vehicle in a timely and efficient manner. The system records vehicle information and vehicle movement online or offline mode, and provides updated and accurate data in real time.

Benefits of e-Track FMS® (Fleet Management System) GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology provides many benefits on Vehicle tracking and management and e-Track FMS® (Fleet Management System) enhances it. Collection and management of Real-time data using GPS transceiver: e-Track FMS® (Fleet Management System) facilitates the user to acquire the real-time information using transceiver based network, tracks the exact location of the vehicles and sends the missing alerts to the administrator/management.

Tracks the movement of vehicles from place to place based on the availability of coverage and satellites coverage area, and generates the customized reports.Improve visibility in the supply chain: It provides information on products delivery as it passes through each stage of supply chain. Gives detailed tracked reports on location of vehicles .

This brings transparency in the supply chain and hence prevents adulteration or forgery in the supply chain. Meet compliance mandates of customers: e-Track FMS® (Fleet Management System) provides full customization according to the user mandate and provides better utilization of resources and achievement of Return on Investments (ROI) quickly. Improved vehicle tracking and inventory control across multiple facilities: It endow with the total integration and provide the user total control over the vehicle management and related activities. Reduced human error with automatic vehicle tracking technology: By using e-Track FMS® (Fleet Management System) the user can enjoys accurate and fast information across the business network.

As the data collected from transceiver devices at once at different locations and stored and shared in real-time between the networks and other sharable resources, it provides complete elimination of human errors, labor overheads and time spent on data collection and storage is reduced to the minimum. Reports: e-Track FMS® (Fleet Management System) generates various reports in different formats like PDF, MS-Excel, MS-Word, etc.

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