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RFID based animal identification and management system consist of a complete hardware and software solutions to tag and track all different types of animals, reptiles, amphibians, birds or any other life form that we have on this planet.

The RFID transponders can be worn as ear tags or as inter- ruminal capsules. With the help of RFID, the farm management can be fully automated for various processes such as feeding, weighing, disease management, and breeding practices can be implemented, where tracking become cumbersome. The said solution can also be used for various case related for studying the characteristic of an animal, amphibian or birds by scientist such as,

   » Date of birth
   » Last vaccination done
   » Any medical history
   » Owner details

When an animal is to be scanned, it is either brought near a fixed RFID reader or scanner, or simply a portable Handhold reader is used to sweep in the space near the animal and the tag is read. The reader is connected to a remote database which compares the unique RFID tag number on the animal with other data on the animal.

    » RFID can be used to sprinkle the accurate amount of water and pesticides to the farms
    » RFID helps Farmers to track their production
    » RFID can be used for counting and tracking animals in the farm (Cows, Buffaloes, Hens)
    » RFID helps shepherds for feeding (fodder, water and medicines) the animals in correct quantity and exact time

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